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Moving on from zFTPServer to ProVide

In Q2 2018 Västgöta-Data AB, we; the developers of zFTPServer, decided to change the name of zFTPServer in favour of ProVide. Following this change we discontinued the development of zFTPServer effectively branching it off and moving on with ProVide. We also introduced a new and more adaptable license model. To be crystal clear: ProVide server includes ALL functionality that was available in zFTPServer and accepts active zFTPserver licences and extensions. Furthermore upgrading to the ProVide branch keeps all settings and accounts.

So what does this mean?

First of all, as a general good measure, we strongly advise that you upgrade from zFTPServer to ProVide. Software updates mitigates potential performance and security issues and any and all software systems should be continously updated for good measure.

Secondly, if you upgrade ProVide it will keep all your settings and accounts. All valid licenses zFTPServer licences including active extensions will continue to work. However please note that you need both a base licence and an active extension license in order for ProVide to run with the same functionality. If you update and discover that your license was not valid for ProVide (i.e. expired for updates) and that some features have been decativated (for all but the admin user) you will find that all settings are kept and you may choose to buy a suiting ProVide license and reactivate. For users still under old license models extension licenses are available.

Thirdly, ProVide is under constant development following changes in technology, operating systems and based on suggestions and requirements from our customers. Furthermore we are also developing a lot of new features such as editing of any file type from a browser interface, share, recieve and collaborate, powerful search functionality for full text pdf-searches and enterprise grade caching, performance , scripting and integration features. New features only apply to ProVide licenses and are disabled if you use a zFTPServer license. Stability or security updates (including new encryption ciphers) are implemented for all valid license types.

So why move from a zFTPServer license to a ProVide license?
  • zFTPServer is a discontinued branch whereas ProVide have moved on and a lot has happened since the last version of zFTPServer. If you do not have an active license you need a ProVide license to continue.
  • ProVide licenses, and ProVide MAXI licences in particular, enable access to many new features such as a browser interface with share/recieve/collaborate and edit.
  • New features and customization options are only available for ProVide licenses. We have for instance included a number of enterprise features such as customizable SFTP caching for vastly increased SFTP performance on storage clusters, along with scripted user dialogue support in the browser interface.
  • ProVide licenses can be purchased per user, per server or per organization depending on your actual need. We also include a MEGA-license that can be employed per organization.
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