What is zFTPServer?

zFTPServer enables sharing documents and information securely without constantly having to consult the IT-department. zFTPServer is a secure, high performance versatile server software that embraces simplicity, security, and efficiency saving both time and money. Tried and true over the past 10 years the software is constantly evolved for cutting edge security, performance and features.

Why develop an advanced FTP-Server?

zFTPServer was originally developed as a direct result of that , before forming Västgöta-Data AB together with and , did not find any capable FTP server software.

zFTPserver has since then evolved into a leading competitor offering advanced capabilities, such as simultaneous SFTP and TFTP, and support for all the latest standards such as IPv6. At the same time we strive to keep configuration simple (for mortals) and to make it user friendly for a broad line of users.

Furthermore we argue that an FTP server is a background service that should comsume only minute system resources, be threaded and be extremely versatile to keep up with ever changing user and administrator demands.


The development team - Västgöta-Data AB

zFTPServer is solely developed, maintained and owned by Västgöta-Data AB (org. nr. 556711-3302); a Swedish software development company based in Skövde. Targeting software development projects, ERP and database integration as well as custom development projects we employ expert developers in an agile solution oriented environment.

Our capabilities range from software development, architecturing and testing to business process analysis. zFTPServer is built in Delphi, but our programming capabilities range from Assembler, ADA and C-dialects to .NET, PHP and JAVA.


Get in contact with us!

Send an or call +46 (0)500-44 89 97 during office hours 08:00-17:00 (GMT+1). and his support team are ready to assist you with questions, tips n' trix and even hands-on help.
- We can take your call in English, Danish and Swedish.