Events and Messages: Reactive

Have zFTPServer notify users or initiate actions when events occur using powerful scripting facilities! This extension allows zFTPServer to enforce user scriptable rules and policies such as virus checks on uploaded files, automatically transform between file formats, and to send notifications about special events.

Of course these events can be overridden on a per user/group level with system wide defaults.

The following events are included:
  • OnConnect -when a user connects
  • OnQuit -when a user sends QUIT
  • OnDisconnect -when a user disconnects
  • OnLoggedIn -when a user successfully logs in
  • OnChangeDirectory -when a user change directory
  • OnCreateDirectory -when a directory is created
  • OnRemoveDirectory -when a directory is removed
  • OnListDirectoryStart -when a file listing starts
  • OnListDirectoryEnd -when a file listing ends
  • OnDownloadStart -when a file download starts
  • OnDownloadEnd -when a file download ends
  • OnUploadStart -when a file upload starts
  • OnUploadEnd -when a file upload ends
  • OnRemoveFile -when a file is removed
  • OnRename -when a file or directory is renamed
The following tokens are included: 


  • %EXECUTE(cmd)% -executes an external command (cmd), that may consist of other tokens and returns the result
  • %GROUPS% -a single-quoted, space-separated list of groups that the current user is member of
  • %FTP_DIRECTORY% -FTP directory of current user
  • %LOCAL_DIRECTORIES% -a single-quoted, space-separated list of local directories of current FTP directory
  • %FTP_FILENAME% -last file accessed by user (FTP path)
  • %LOCAL_FILENAME% -last file accessed by user (local path)
  • %FTP_FILENAME_NEW% -new name of last file accessed by user (FTP path), used only during rename events
  • %LOCAL_FILENAME_NEW% -new name of last file accessed by user (local path), used only during rename events
  • %TRANSFERRED% -bytes transferred by user during last command
  • %FILESIZE% -size of last file accessed by user


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