"Västgöta-Data AB is always open for customer requirements providing the necessary product enhancements in a reasonable time frame. The support organization is flexible with a short response time where first level can easily gets in touch with the development department in cases where deeper analysis is required. These reasons combined with a very intuitive and simple installation procedure are what led us into zFTPServer."
- Representative for major world wide bank

"We decided for zFTPServer as we needed secure data transmission. Furthermore we wanted our users to be able to manage ad-hoc file sharing themselves without the necessity of IT setup and easily enable customers, that are not savvy of FTP, to use a web frontend with no extra costs as there are with some competitors products."
- Norbert Sommerbauer, Strong

"zFTPServer has provided our company the unique ability to serve both internal and external users across multiple AD domains utilizing one-way trust relationships. We are delighted to have a single FTP solution that is secure, stable, and very easy to manage."
- Systems Managers, OSIsoft LLC.

"zFTPServer has provided Hartz a rock solid, robust and cost effective FTP solution for the last 2 years. I would be glad to serve as a reference for your product."
- Jim Tooker, The Hartz Mountain Corporation

"We had a customer that needed a flexible and easy to manage FTP server, zFTPServer Suite was absolutely perfect. The customer is happy, we are happy."
- Chris Terry, Nextshore LLC

"We like zFTPServer, as it runs very stable and we don't have any problems with corrupted files after transfer (which we had, as we used i.e. FileZilla)."
- Mirko Rott, WASGAU Dienstleistungs & Logistik GmbH

"Teradyne sells automated functional test equipment for both commercial and aerospace applications. The zFTPServer is used to provide data to the module under test."
- Gerald Nagle, Teradyne, Inc.

"As a web developer I have used it as a personal ftp server to have graphic designers get files to my local machine. Really intuitive and easy to use, a very convenient and quick solution to FTP. Thanks!"
- Cito Giulini, web101dev

"Fast change of group memberships and the opportunity to use virtual directories. ...there is not another product for windows."
- Juergen, ERF

"Most excellent product with pricing in the "just right" category for needing a very small (3 users) SFTP solution. Add in this friendly offer of a trial extension, and y'all now have my business indefinitely and a hearty recommendation to anyone else who needs a similar solution. "
- Darren Erickson, Central Illinois Neuro Health Sciences

"We use zFTPServer on a daily basis and it’s been working out extremely well for us from day one. We mostly apply it for transfers of heavy files between our worldwide offices, but zFTPServer also exchanges information between our partners in different projects and helps us in managing licenses and installing procedures. Using zFTPServer is easy and problem free, as it should be, and we’re really satisfied with that."
- Stefan Brax, Tornum AB

"We mainly use SFTP for delivering heavy media files between us and our customers. Since we started off with zFTPServer we've been using it quite rigorously and we're happy to say that its stability and functionality is impressive."
- Patrik Littmann, Vidino AB

"In Russia company's rarely pay's for software, but I go to our chef and say: we need to buy this."
- Michail Okounev, ARCHPOINT

"We chose your product mainly because it contains a lot of options for data transfer. Additional user interface and / or administrator is very readable and understandable even for the person who first makes contact with your product. In our case, we wanted to implement your product to our environment because we use it to secure data exchange between our major business partners, and which are the largest banks in Poland."
- Renato Wardin, Diners Club

"Simple yet intuitive interface, robust functionality, and support for plenty of protocols are just few of the reasons our company decided to go with zFTP server software. The setup was minimal and straight forward. The end users have variety of connection options ranging from FTP to HTTPS. zFTP server radically simplified file sharing for our customers."
- Vladimir Yurkiv, ConQuip, Inc

"...it has been a rock solid server."
- Chris Brown, Logistics Management Resources, Inc. - LMR