Flexible and secure file sharing

zFTPServer makes file sharing easy, flexible and secure. The private cloud based solution makes for small resource footprint, and it also makes it possible to share large files and pictures without any hassle.

We offer a variety of licenses, both for personal and enterprise use. What makes us unique is our ability to manage all types of protocols; FTP, FTPS, SFTP, TFTP, HTTP and HTTPS. And the fact that we combine this with smart features and virtual usage makes for a one-of-a-kind solution.

Download the FTP of your choice

Our licenses range from the smaller ‘Free’ to the larger ‘Enterprise’, making it easy for you to choose the one that suits you best

  • Free – A free file sharing solution for family and friends. Supports a maximum of 5 accounts and 3 connections.
  • Personal – A cheap FTP that you can download, perfect for family and relatives. Supports a maximum of 10 accounts and 5 connections.

  • Professional – Our smart entry-level package for commercial use, perfect for the smaller business. Supports a maximum of 25 accounts and 10 connections.
  • Corporate – Our mid-level package for file sharing. Supports a maximum of 200 accounts and 25 connections.
  • Enterprise – The biggest high-level package for enterprises. Supports an unlimited number of accounts and connections.

For more information about the FTP you can download, check out the various suites or contact us.

Download and try for free

After download, activate your license or choose a 30-day trial of zFTPServer of your choice. Check out our DocWiki or YouTube channel for information about installation, activation and configuration.

Do you want to try the zFTPServer Web interface? Logon to https://secure.vastgotadata.se/ using “demo” as the username and password.

License, SLA and Purchase information

For Volume Licensing of zFTPServer please contact us. We offer volume licensing for all commercial licenses, including Service Level Agreement (SLA).

    • Each purchased licence is only valid for one instance of zFTPServer.
    • For each instance of zFTPServer a base license is required. Use the license extension option to extend the license after the first year.
    • Base and extension licenses include access to upcoming zFTPServer releases and updates for a period of one year, from date of purchase.

All prices in ShareIt’s control panel are specified in euros. ShareIt provides exchange rates from euro to the customer’s choice of currency. Depending on customer’s location and/or company, price may be adjusted per applicable taxes, though base price in euros remains the same.


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“zFTPServer has provided Hartz a rock solid, robust and cost effective FTP solution for the last 2 years. I would be glad to serve as a reference for your product.”

– Jim Tooker, The Hartz Mountain Corporation