zFTPServer – Enterprise

zFTPServer Enterprise combines the power of our FTP-server with SFTP-support and scripting functionality, making it a full-fledged business integration server and a secure cloud solution. It is for example possible to react to and act on events both after they have happened and when they are about to happen. Need a financial report on the fly? zFTPServer can request an updated coalesced report from your financial systems as the CFO are about to log in, of course from an accepted IP-address encrypted over SFTP.

Secure file sharing for your business

In need of a secure solution for enterprise file sharing? zFTPServer offers best-of-breed solutions for security, reliability and flexibility. Our solution offers a wide variety of communication protocols and standard and enterprise level features, such as strong encryption support, security certificates support and an extremely powerful user and group administrations. zFTPServer is also completely clean from any annoying tag-alongs.


Robust architecture and cutting edge technology

User friendly and secure; in designing zFTPServer, resource allocation (and deallocation), concurrency and reliability have guided the development effort and design from the start. In the continuous development, our new features, essentially pushes the boundary of zFTPServer towards becoming a full-fledged business integration server, while still retaining its performance and small resource footprint.


Millions of users

zFTPServer have gained ground over a decade and is currently used in enterprise level business critical applications as well as by home users across the globe.

zFTPServer Enterprise is our high-level package for commercial use. All features are included such as a wide range of supported communication protocols and encryption algorithms, IPv6, active directory integration as well as customizable authentication, events and an API to interact with other business systems. The number of accounts and connections are unlimited and thus suited for the large enterprise or a company with lots of external information distribution.

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“zFTPServer has provided Hartz a rock solid, robust and cost effective FTP solution for the last 2 years. I would be glad to serve as a reference for your product.”

– Jim Tooker, The Hartz Mountain Corporation