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With high security and flexibility, is the zFTPServer Free the ultimate file sharing solution for a family, relatives or a group of friends. This reliable and easy-to-use package makes it easy for you to send and receive big files on a password-protected web page.

Send big files easy and secure

Our free file sharing solution is available for a maximum of 5 accounts and 3 connections. All features are included in this license, making sharing and showing photos and files possible. This is something often done thru e-mail today. But unlike e-mail, the zFTPServer Free can handle documents and pictures of any size. And it also has a higher security. The user-friendly design makes it easy and fast to manage for anyone connected.

Free file sharing for personal use

With over a million users across the globe, we have created solutions for both personal use and large companies. The zFTPServer Free is a solution for personal use. Encryption algorithms, IPv6, active directory integration and customizable authentication are all included features, making it a one-of-a-kind file sharing solution.

Download your own zFTPServer Free for easy and secure file sharing here.


Download (64-bit)

Download (32-bit)


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“zFTPServer has provided Hartz a rock solid, robust and cost effective FTP solution for the last 2 years. I would be glad to serve as a reference for your product.”

– Jim Tooker, The Hartz Mountain Corporation