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zFTPServer Suite is developed by Västgöta-Data AB, a Swedish IT consultant company. We're offering comprehensive support and customization for users with specific needs or support issues.

Service Level Agreement

zFTPServer Suite Support can provide your company with priority e-mail and phone support in a very cost effective manner. We also offer response time agreements for Enterprise customers.

Examples of features included in the zFTPServer’s SLA:

  • zFTPServer Suite Enterprise
  • Free telephone- and e-mail support
  • Regularly recurring updates
  • Direct access to the zFTPServer Suite development team

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For more information, please read the SLA and contact us.

Commercial Priority Support

Are you in need of assistance when configuring zFTPServer? Do you need help with scripting or an AD integration?

We offer hands-on help using TeamViewer in exchange for support coupons, where one coupon is worth an hour of support time.

For larger or more advanced project such as integrating the FTP server or add-on development projects, please contact us for a quotation.

Check out our DocWiki on how to use the support coupons.


Check out our DocWiki for help, solutions and to share your knowledge!. We have many expert users and developers that may already know the answer to your particular question.


Check out our YouTube channel for instructive video tutorials.
If you need help with the basic setup of zFTPServer, you can watch this video.

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Have you got information of a bug, a brilliant idea for a new feature or other valuable feedback about zFTPServer? Please contact us.