API – Scripting Friendly

owerful scripting features means administrators or developers can access and control zFTPServer or even include zFTPServer as part of a data management or business support system.

zFTPServer supports standard TCP/IP connections, making scripts easy to develop (e.g. create new accounts via php).

Everything that can be executed via the command line, can be scripted in zFTPServer. Use the tools your organization are familiar with, to integrate with zFTPserver. zFTPServer can provide the information available at the low level of the application, to allow for detailed scripting options.

Sample scripts can be obtained here.

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Köp kuponger

”zFTPServer har försett Hartz med en solid, robust och kostnadseffektiv FTP-lösning de senaste 2 åren. Jag skulle gladeligen ställa upp som referens för er produkt.”

– Jim Tooker, The Hartz Mountain Corporation