Events and Messages : Proactive

Have zFTPServer react to events before they happen! With this extension you can specify before-scripts that limits access based on date/time, downloaded files or even information stored in external databases. Together with Reactive you have a full-fledged Integration Server. Your imagination is the limit!

Of course these events can be overridden on a per user/group level with system wide defaults.

The following events are included:
  • BeforeConnect -before a user connect
  • BeforeLoggedIn -before a user is authenticated
  • BeforeChangeDirectory -before a user change directory
  • BeforeCreateDirectory -before a directory is created
  • BeforeRemoveDirectory -before a directory is removed
  • BeforeListDirectory -before a file listing
  • BeforeDownload -before a download starts
  • BeforeUpload -before an upload starts
  • BeforeRemoveFile -before a file is removed
  • BeforeRename -before a file or directory is renamed
The following tokens are included: 


  • %EXECUTE(cmd)% -executes an external command (cmd), that may consist of other tokens and returns the result


  • %GROUPS% -a single-quoted, space-separated list of groups that the current user is member of
  • %FTP_DIRECTORY% -FTP directory of current user
  • %LOCAL_DIRECTORIES% -a single-quoted, space-separated list of local directories of current FTP directory
  • %FTP_FILENAME% -last file accessed by user (FTP path)
  • %LOCAL_FILENAME% -last file accessed by user (local path)
  • %FTP_FILENAME_NEW% -new name of last file accessed by user (FTP path), used only during rename events
  • %LOCAL_FILENAME_NEW% -new name of last file accessed by user (local path), used only during rename events
  • %TRANSFERRED% -bytes transferred by user during last command
  • %FILESIZE% -size of last file accessed by user


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