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2018-02 : Sulphur- Improved SFTP and WebDAV

  • Improved: New user management with autofocus of name field
  • Improved: Major improvement to SFTP stability for unstable/malicious connections
  • Improved: Several minor improvements to WebAdmin interface
  • Improved: Major improvement to WebDAV stability for unstable/malicious connections
  • Added: Filtering abilities to links window in WebAdmin

2018-01 : Sulphur- Improved performance and functionality

  • Improved: Updated internal security components
  • Fixed: Resource management while using Authentication Integration and administration privileges
  • Improved: Update routine to only show what’s new from previous version
  • Improved: Cleanup of logging procedures

2017-12 : Sulphur- Improved performance and functionality

  • Improved: WebDAV support
  • Fixed: memory leaks while using WebDAV service
  • Optimized: internal memory management while server is idle
  • Fixed: resizeability and automatic height of all windows in WebAdmin

2017-09 : Sulphur- Added web gui for server administration (defaults to port 8443)

  • Added: support for managing HTTP(S) share/receive/collaborate-links using telnet
  • Added: manifest declaration for Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016
  • Added: support for using cached passwords to have Active Directory impersonation with share and receive links
  • Fixed: problems switching language for the built-in HTTP(S) web client while using "Windows impersonation"

2017-06 : Phosphorus - Added ability to change language in the built-in HTTP(S) client

  • Added: Support for SFTP protocol version 1 and 2
  • Added: ability to change language in the built-in HTTP(S) client (currently available languages: English, French and German)
  • Added: support to alter low-level server identifiers while using SFTP and HTTPS
  • Added: start date property for links (share, receive and collaborate)

2017-05 : Phosphorus - Bug fix

  • Fixed: Renaming problem for certain files using the built-in HTTP(S) client
  • Fixed: Bug that caused collaboration links to malfunction when combined with Active Directory or Virtual accounts
  • Fixed: Bug that required recevie to be enabled in order to allow share links

2017-04 : Phosphorus - WebDAV-support on Bluebeam Revu

  • Added: WebDAV-support on Bluebeam Revu
  • Added: WebDAV GUI, possibility to configure WebDAV through graphical interface
  • Improved: Security by custom headers
  • Improved: Ease of use a more user-friendly experience
  • Improved: AD (Active Directory) configuration options

2016-12 : Phosphorus - Improved security towards public key authentication

  • Added: Sorting for columns in built-in HTTP(S) web client
  • Added: Added support for token %EVENTNAME%
  • Improved: Improved security towards public key authentication
  • Improved: search function in built-in HTTP(S) web client

2016-09 : Phosphorus - Support for encrypted WebDAV

  • Added: Support for configuring password cache on individual accounts
  • Added: Support for encrypted WebDAV
  • Improved: Stability improvements to script engine and event parser
  • Improved: Beautifications to the built in HTTP(S) web client

2016-06 : Phosphorus - Bugs and issues

  • Fixed: Several bugs and issues.

2016-05 : Phosphorus - Support for uploading multiple files using HTTP(S) receive link

  • Added: Support for uploading multiple files using HTTP(S) receive link
  • Improved: Accessing direct URLs with international characters while not logged in
  • Improved: Right click menu handling of share/receive/collaborate for the built-in HTTP(S) client

2016-03 : Phosphorus - Mobile friendly GUI and improved security for SFTP

  • Added: Mobile friendly HTTPS GUI
  • Added: Support for specifiying SFTP KEX algorithms
  • Added: Support for SFTP remote copy

2016-01 : Phosphorus - Drag-n-Drop

  • Added: Support for allow/disallow HELP/FEAT before authentication when using FTP(S)
  • Improved: Better upload handling for HTTP(S) client: multiple files are now accepted both through dialog and drag-n-drop and individual overwrite prompts are being used
  • Improved: SFTP stability and performance (better creation of files, resuming uploads and truncating)
  • Fixed: Several bugs and issues.

2015-03 : Phosphorus released – Improved security and collaboration

  • Added: Support for collaboration through HTTP(S) with access via FTP, FTPS, SFTP, and HTTP(S)
  • Added: Support to individually enable/disable SSL/TLS protocols and ciphers
  • Added: Support for HTTP Strict Transport Security and forward secrecy
  • Improved: New modern design for the built-in HTTP(S) client
  • Improved: Support for renegotiation (allow secure, disable client-initiated)
  • Fixed: Renamed share.ini to more informative and complete name links.ini

2015-01 : Silicon released - Improved performance and functionality

  • Added: Improved manageability to handle shares and receive points
  • Added: Support for unencrypted HTTP or as a redirect to HTTPS
  • Added: Support for wildcards (*, ?) as virtual folder names and resource path
  • Added: HTTP(S) now includes a search function
  • Improved: Performance improvements to SFTP and HTTPS for directory parsing
  • Fixed: Several bugs and issues

2014-08 : Aluminium released - Performance improvements for AD integration

  • Added: Support for drag and drop uploading
  • Added: Ability to configure UTF8 per account
  • Improved: Improvements to HTTPS GUI
  • Improved: Performance improvements for Active Directory integration
  • Fixed: Several bugs and issues

2014-03 : Magnesium released - Major update with dedicated 64-bit version

  • Added: Support for multiple domains with Active Directory Trusts
  • Added: Support for block counter rollover when using TFTP (allows > 32 MB)
  • Added: Event BeforeUpload may now alter destination file
  • Improved: HTTPS functionality (multi-select, optimizations, design, customization)
  • Fixed: SFTP stability issues with multiple connections

2013-06 : Sodium released - Improved HTTPS functionality

  • Added: Sharing and receiving files using HTTPS links
  • Added: Support for one-line public keys
  • Added: Support for long path names
  • Improved: Download and upload several files simultaneously using HTTPS
  • Fixed: Several bugs and issues

2012-09 : Neon released - Improved FTP security and AD-integration

  • Added: New feature to handle hammering: Throttling failed connections
  • Improved: Active Directory integration now supports recursive Security Groups
  • Fixed: Many simultaneous SFTP connections could crash the server

2012-02 : Flourine released - FTP Server now supports FTP over HTTPS and IPv6

  • Added: Support for IPv6
  • Added: Support for HTTPS - built in client served via https
  • Fixed: Several minor bugs and issues.

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